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Visual Storytelling reimagined

Present Imperfect is a modern publishing platform for creators, journalists, and people who love to document their life journeys.

Present Imperfect
Present Imperfect
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Unleash Your Creativity

Present Imperfect provides an effective way to craft your stories by combining photography, video, audio and short text into one scrollable narrative. Minimal & transparent design ensures that your work stays timeless.

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For all kinds of Storytellers

It doesn’t matter if you are an artist, and would like to showcase your digital gallery, or journalist who needs to create impactful stories efficiently, or if you’d like to have a modern version of traditional photo album, as long you have a narrative to tell, Present Imperfect can help you to craft your story.

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Unlimited Uploads

Don’t worry about the size, bandwidth & storage. Optimized media for quick, universal device access.


Extensive toolkit allows you to craft your stories with efficiency, engaging all senses.


No matter if you want to present on big projector, laptop, or mobile.

Stay in control

Manage privacy with ease. Choose who sees each story or space - family, friends, or everyone.

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